NPC/LOC   Task   Type/Time    Reward
Keyword   Notes   Repeatable   Item
Mea Treg   I. Beasts for the Stew   Single   Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
(304, 2770, 6)    A. Hunt the creatures of Beast's Domain and collect some carcases. 0/4 Unlimited
Willing       1. Any animal type creature should drop A Beast Carcass Yes
        2. Apes seemed to be more likely to drop them.  
     B.Defeat any Domain Hunters that stand in your way! 0/4  
        1. Two camps I saw, one near Treg (-168, -388, -10) and one west of him.   
     C. Collect some Windberries from the jungle floor 0/6  
        1. Marked on maps  
     D. Collect some Bloodbeets from the jungle floor. 0/6  
        1. Marked on maps  
     E. Deliver the carcasses to Mea Treg  
     F. Deliver the Windberries to Mea Treg  
     G. Deliver the Bloodbeets to Mea Treg  
Find II. A Question of Integrity (Prereq: Beasts for Stew) Group Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
     A. Speak with Kar. (-2887, 2609, -10)  Unlimited
     B. Loot a Wyvern Skull from a Wyvern.  
     C. Give the Wyvern Skull to Kar.  
     D. Return to Mea Teg  
Help III. Message of Faith (Prereq: A Question of Integrity) Single Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
     A. Deliver Mea's message to Elder Giaborn of the Domain clan. Unlimited
     B. Deliver Mea's message to Elder Hilnaah of the Domain clan.
     C. Deliver Mea's message to Elder Poanag of the Domain clan.  
     D. Speak with Treg.  
     E. Collect Windberries from the forest floor. 0/5  
     F. Kill the beasts of the forest and collect some of their flesh. 0/4  
        1. Is a random update on killing mobs, no item to loot.   
     G. Collect some Giant Leafs from the forest floor. 0/3  
     H. Collect some Bamboo Chutes from the forest floot. 0/3  
      I. Give the Palm Fronds to Treg. 0/3  
      J. Give the Bamboo Chutes to Treg. 0/3  
     K. Speak with Treg.  
     L. Speak with Mea Treg.  
Treg   IV. Trial of the Beast (Prereq: Message of Faith)   Single   Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
(-168, -388, -10)    A. Find where the Ripclaw Raptors lair and obtain one of their heads. Unlimited
Willing to Die    B. Find Grall's Lost Spear. (-2613, -1304, -15)
     C. Give the Ripclaw Raptor Head to Treg.  
     D. Give the Grall's Lost Spear to Treg.  
     E. Find the great dark ape and obtain its head.  
     F. Give the great dark ape's head to Treg.  
Speak to Them V. One to Lead Them (Prereq: Trial of the Beast) Group Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
        1. Hands you Spear Making Kit Unlimited
     A. Assemble the Warleader's Spear.
        1. Kill apes and loot 1 Strong Vine  
        2. Kill crocodiles and loot 1 Chunk of Obsidian  
        3. Kill raptors and loot 1 Raptor Bone  
        4. Combine the 3 items in the bag  
     B. Give the Warleader's Spear to Bale.  
     C. Tell Treg that Bale has accepted the offer of warleader.  
     D. Assemble a dowry for Yurv.  
        1. Hands you A Dowry Kit  
        2. Collect 2 Bloodbeets  
        3. Collect 2 Windberries  
        4. Collect 2 Clear Ocean Quartz (in Sarith underwater near Rubak)  
        5. Combine the 6 items in the bag  
     E. Give the dowry to Yurv.  
     F. Tell Treg that Yurv has accepted the dowry.  
     G. Place a grendlaen scent gland inside some supplies at Wart's camp.  
        1. Drops from guess what models?  
     H. Speak to Wart.  
      I. Kill the grendlaens that have come to Wart's camp.  
      J. Let Treg know that Wart has accepted the offer.  
     K. Speak to Klar.  
     L. Speak with Breinne, a follower of Lunanyn  
       M. Tell Treg of your failure.        
Captain Portencia   VI. Pups of War (Prereq: One to Lead Them)   Group   Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
(238, 493, 4) in Argath    A. Speak with Mea Treg 6:00:00
   B. Speak with Trag
Get       1. Say depart to start Trag walking, follow  
[ready] to enter    C. Follow Trag to where the domain hunters are keeping the naeya pups. (-1234, -63, -12)  
        1. Task locks upon reaching the destination  
     D. Defeat the domain hunters in your way. 0/18  
     E. Free the naeya mother from her crate and kill her.  
        1. Destroy the crate to spawn the mother.  
     F. Collect the naeya pups from the small crates. 0/6  
        1. Destroy the small crates and loot A Naeya Pup x6  
     G. Give the naeya pups to Mae Treg.  
     H. Speak with Mea Treg.  
        I. Loot the chest for your reward.        
Kalda Treg   VII. The King of the Beasts   Group   Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
(315, 2773, 5)    A. Talk to Kalda Treg 6:00:00
Group    B. Challenge the King of the Beasts Yes
[ready] to enter         1. Pretty much tank and spank aside from he has like 12 million HP, and a shitton of Aes    
Braxi Keeper Yubal   Braxi Trouble   Single   Eltarki's Diary - Beasts Know More
(-843, -86, -7)       1. Hands you 4 slot container: Mortar and Pestle Unlimited
Investigate    A. Obtain a Braxi Somach from a sick braxi Yes
     B. Deliver the Braxi Somach to Braxi Keeper Yubai 273p, 3g, 3s, 4c
     C. Collect a Binaesa Venom Sac Experience
     D. Collect a Wyvern Scent Gland  
     E. Collect a sample of Selyrah Saliva  
     F. Collect a Filthy Ape Liver  
     G. Use the mortar and pestle and create the weedkiller  
        1. Get 4 Weedkiller on combine  
     H. Give a dose of the weed killer to a wilting bristlepoint weed  
     I. Give a dose of the weed killer to a poisonous bristlepoint weed  
     J. Give a dose of the weed killer to a foul bristlepoint weed  
     K. Give a dose of the weed killer to a deadly bristlepoint weed  
       L. Speak with Braxi Keeper Yubai        
Blackwort   At The Water's Edge   Single   136p, 6g, 6s, 7c
(-3909, 1195, 15)    A. Kill 12 crocodiles Unlimited Experience
Fight Them Off      B.    Yes    
Yahnoa   Mass Extinction - The Hard Way!   Single   136p, 6g, 6s, 7c
(-2949, 10, 40)    A. Kill 10 wyverns Unlimited Experience
Help      B. Pass Yahnoa's request on to Bale. (-804, 54, -11)   Yes    
Yurv   Eewww!   Single   136p, 6g, 6s, 7c
(-1070, 1015, 23)    A. Kill 5 Goral Unlimited Experience
Hunting      B.    Yes    
a tame braxi   The Hunter Becomes the Hunted   Single   136p, 6g, 6s, 7c
(-842, -96, -7)    A. Kill 5 raptors Unlimited Experience
Help      B.    Yes    
Hunter Bindani Hunters' Bounty Single 410p
(-3580, 607, -12)    A. Collect a Pristine Grendlaen Pelt from an Empowered Grendlaen Unlimited Experience
Help    B. Collect a Pristine Binaesa Skin from an Empowered Binaesa Yes
   C. Collect an Ancient Piece of Bark from an empowered Izon
   D. Collect a Pristine Crocodile Hide from an Empowered Crocodile
   E. Collect a Pristine Goral Hide from an Empowered Goral
   F. Collect a Pristine Ape Fur from an Empowered Ape
   G. Collect a Pristine Raptor Hide from an Empowered Raptor
   H. Collect a Pristine Wyver Hide from an Empowered Wyvern
   I. Deliver the Pristine Grendlaen Pelt to Hunter Bindani
   J. Deliver the Pristine Binaesa Skin to Hunter Bindani
   K. Deliver the Ancient Piece of Bark to Hunter Bindani