NPC/LOC   Task   Type/Time    Reward
Keyword       Repeatable   Item
Garn Ironfist   I. Finding Your Faith   Single    
     1. Kill 10 disciples Unlimited  
Cleared    2. Report back to Garn Ironfist  
     3. Investigate the Home of the First  
     4. Find a disciple who is willing to talk and gather information from them  
     5. Investigate the top of the Temple of Self  
        B. 3 enraged disciples spawn once you get the update  
     6. Kill 3 enraged disciples  
     7. Inform Garn Ironfist of your findings  
Plan II. Buying the Farm Single  
     1. Kill five aphid nynphs Unlimited  
     2. Kill five aphid drones  
     3. Kill five mature aphids  
Caedwin Axebreaker   I. Who is Scouting the Scouts   Single    
   1. Kill 8 cliknar scout drones Unlimited  
     2. Kill 8 cliknar battle drones  
Willing    3. Kill 5 cliknar skirmish drones  
Helping II. A Caustic Path Single  
     1. Kill 10 lethal oozes Unlimited  
     2. Kill 3 caustic oozes