NPC/LOC   Task   Type/Time    Reward
Keyword       Repeatable   Item
Berrina Saltidnarik   I. Gnoll Who Your Friends Are   Group    
(NOTE: One player must have room for an item) 6:00:00  
Loc (650, 210)    1. Make contact with Dorrvix in the gnoll's camp. (-180, 690) Yes  
Willing    2. Speak with The Gatekeeper. (520, 40)  
        A. Hail The Gatekeeper.   
        B. Say "device" to the Gatekeeper to receive "Mnemenic Device"  
     3. Find some gnolls who are willing to testify about Dorrvix. (0/5)  
        A. FOR C+D: You must go to the gnoll camp and hand the device to random gnolls. They will either help you or attack you. If they help Step 3 will update.  
     4. Defend yourself from the gnolls who are unwilling to help. (0/4)  
        A. The ones that attack you, you must kill to update Step 4.   
        B. Currently if you kill the gnolls that accept it, they will still update Step 4.   
     5. Return the Mnemenic Device to The Gatekeeper   
Willing II. Clash of the Kobolds (Prereq: Gnoll Who Your Friends Are) Group  
  NOTE: This is basically a mini ring event. After talking to Recloso, you must survive 3 waves of mobs. Totems spawn in a circle that you must stay within or you fail. If someone dies they must be rezzed as it counts as being outside the circle. After each wave you can rest as the next does not start until you hail.  01:00:00  
     1. Speak with Graztuk (-225, -580)  
     2. Speak with Recloso (-60, -270)  
        A. Does not spawn until you finish Step 1  
     3. Kill 5 Raging Kobolds  
        A. Mezzable  
     4. Kill 5 Raging Kobolds  
     5. Kill 5 Raging Kobolds  
     6. Kill 2 Raging Kobolds  
     7. Kill Recloso  
        A. Not Mezzable  
     8. Speak with Graztuk  
Willing III. Gnoll with the Punches (Prereq: Clash of the Kobolds) Group  
     1. Speak with Parrmug (-150, 730) 6:00:00  
        A. Parrmug runs to (-60, 390) Yes  
     2. Speak with Parrmug  
        A. Two "a gnoll protector" spawn  
        B. Parmug runs to ( 95, 245)  
     3. Kill 2 Parrmug's Guards  
     4. Speak with Parrmug  
        A. Two "a gnoll protector" spawn  
        B. Parrmug runs to (190, 530)  
     5. Kill 2 Parrmug's Guards  
     6. Speak with Parrmug   
     7. Kill 1 Parrmug  
        A. At 30ish% he will become non aggro, and you must talk to him  
        B. After you talk to him, kill him  
        C. Once he dies two "an unyielding gnoll," and 21 "a frail gnoll reaver" spawn  
     8. Kill 2 Greater Attackers  
        A. The two unyeilding gnolls are strong, 6.5k hitters with normal level of hp  
      9. Kill 21 Lesser Attackers  
        A. The frail mobs are weak and hit for about 300, and have about 45k hp   
      10. Find a clue regarding Parrmug's strange behavior  
        A. Loot "Tattered Runecloth" from Parrmug's corpse  
       11. Deliver 1 Tattered Runecloth to Berrina        
Firnel Missynstip   I. Steaming with Anger   Single    
   1. Kill 5 steam elementals Unlimited  
Loc (445, 45)    2. Return to Firnel Missynstip Yes  
Lava II. Too Hot To Handle Single  
     1. Kill 5 lavakins Unlimited  
     2. Return to Firnel Missynstip Yes  
Greken II. A Nest Full of Trouble Single  
     1. Kill 5 nestlings Unlimited  
     2. Return to Firnel Missynstip Yes  
Burynai IV. Buried in Death Single  
     1. Kill 2 burynai rockshapers Unlimited  
     2. Kill 2 burynai sappers Yes  
     3. Kill 2 burynai explorers  
     4. Kill 2 burynai burrowers  
     5. Kill 2 burynai cenobites  
     6. Kill 2 burynai curates  
     7. Return to Firnel Missynstip  
Nogol Bandras   I. Nogol and the Bandits   Single    
NOTE: When you first get this task, only Steps 1, 2, 7, and 11 appear. Upon hailing certain mobs, more steps are added.  Unlimited  
(-630, -20)  
Find    1. Deliver 1 Bejeweled Smithy Hammmer to Nogol Bandras  
        A. Drops from Fangskull (-125, -595)  
     2. Deliver 1 Embossed Pewter Mug to Nogol Bandras  
        A. Say "Trade" to Eggsniffer (45, 605). This reveals additional Steps 3-6.  
     3. Deliver 6 Snow Griffen Egg to Eggsniffer  
        A. Drop in Eastern Wastes  
     4. Deliver 6 Bottle of Kalish to Eggsniffer  
        A. Vendor bought in PoK  
     5. Deliver 4 Uncut Emerald to Eggsniffer  
        ??A. Drops in Pellucid??  
     6. Deliver 1 Fine Lute Tuners to Eggsniffer  
        A. Vendor bought in Qeynos  
     7. Deliver 1 Gold and Platinum Necklace to Nogol Bandras  
        A. Say "Materials" to Bartel (-535, 300). This reveals additional Steps 8-10.  
     8. Deliver 1 Lump of Gold Ore to Bartel  
        ??A. Drops from Burynai in Underquarry??  
     9. Deliver 1 Lump of Platinum Ore to Bartel  
        ??A. Drops from Burynai in Underquarry??  
     10. Deliver 1 Scrap Gems to Bartel  
     11. Deliver 1 Ruby-studded Ring to Nogol Bandras  
        A. Drops from Ripskin (Roams between the gnoll camp and the lava).   
Algera Chindlebolt   I. Don't Fear the Destroyer (Prereq: All of Berrina's missions)   Group   Spell
   1. Locate Shorf the Shaman at the Shady Nook in the southwestern edge of Brell's Rest. (-555, 695) 6:00:00  
(-670, 270)  
Investigate    2. Speak with Shorf the Shaman about the Destroyer.  
     3. Speak with Zakarf the Assassin regarding the Destroyer's whereabouts.  
        A. Attacks upon hail.   
     4. Kill Zakarf the Assassin.  
     5. Look for Grothroth's hideout in Watery Nook, in the southeastern side of Brell's Rest. (-700, -480)  
     6. Speak with Grothroth, leader of the Destroyer-worshipper group.  
        A. Attacks upon hail.   
     7. Kill the gnoll henchmen. (0/4)  
     8. Kill the gnoll reavers. (0.4)  
     9. Grothroth's cult appears to be centered around the Priests of Undeath. Kill them! (0/3)   
    10. Take the Badges of the Destroyer from the dead Priests of Undeath. (0/3)  
    11. Grothroth will not allow himself to be taken prisoner! (0/1)  
    12. Grothroth mentioned Garrhuff Grabblepaws. Bring him the Badges of the Destroyer. (-600, -90) (0/3)   
    13. Speak with Garrhuff Gabblepaws about the Badges of the Destroyer  
        A. Upon hailing 4 trash mobs and 1 named spawn  
        B. After killing them, another 4 and another named spawn  
        C. He hands you an item to click. Seems broken at the moment.  
    14. Kill the gnoll reaver ambushers!  
    15. Kill the gnoll gutpiercer ambushers!  
    16. Kill Reurhof the Conspirator!  
    17. Kill Vark the Conspirator!  
    18. Speak with Urkbark. Try and learn what he knows of The Destroyer.  
    19. Kill Urkbark before he can warn The Destroyer.  
    20. ---  
Face Him  RAID