NPC/LOC   Brewing      
Chamberlain Thoridain   IV. Bring Him a Brew!
     1. Create 1 Brell's Best using tradeskills
(590, 125) Brell's Temple         A. Combine Blessed Water of Brell Serilis, Cosgrove Powder x2, Brell's Bounty x2, Barley, Bottle, Cork, Malt, and Quinine in a Brew Barrel  
???             a. Blessed Water of Brell Serilis are sold throughout EQ  
              b. Cosgrove Powder is dropped in Underfoot  
              c. Brell's Bounty is a groundspawn in Underfoot  
              d. Barley, Bottle, Cork, Malt are sold in PoK  
              e. Combine Katuka Bark and Red Wine in a Brew Barrel  
                 I. Katuka Bark and Red Wine are sold in PoK  
       2. Speak with Thoridain and show him your success making Brell's Best  
          A. Upon hailing he will give you Magical Water Collection Jar which is needed to collect samples
       3. Collect 1 Brell's Rest Water Sample(s)  
          A. Click your Magical Water Collection Jar while by/in the water in Brell's Rest  
          B. Repeat for steps 4-9 by/in the waters of those zones  
       4. Collect 1 Cooling Chamber Water Sample(s)  
       5. Collect 1 Underquarry Water Sample(s)  
       6. Collect 1 Foundation Water Sample(s)  
       7. Collect 1 Pellucid Grotto Water Sample(s)  
       8. Collect 1 Arthicrex Water Sample(s)  
       9. Collect 1 Fungal Forest Waster Sample(s)  
     10. Create 1 Pure Underfoot Spirits using Tradeskills  
          A. Combine Brell's Rest Water Sample, Cooling Chamber Water Sample, Underquarry Water Sample, Foundation Water Sample, Pellucid Water Sample, Arthicrex Water Sample, Fungal Forest Water Sample, Barley, Yeast, and a Cask in a Brew Barrel
              a. Samples obtained as per above  
              b. Barley, Yeast, and Casks are sold in PoK  
     11. Collect 1 Jelly of the Cliknar Queen(s)  
          A. Groundspawn deep in the Cliknar hive area in Arthicrex in several locations  
          B. It looks like a little yellow oval on the tables, not to be confused with the jars. It also has sparklies
          C. As soon as you pick it up, at least one mob, (perhaps more) spawn aggro on you. If there are other mobs around, they will assist in gangbanging you worse than a prison inmate
          D. At this time, the Jelly is "temporary," and by "temporary" I mean the gay "temporary" whereby if you die or log out for a second you lose it. So if you were planning a suicide grab, its not happening
     12. Inform the Chamberlain that you have aquired the Jelly of the Cliknar Queen  
     13. Loot 1 Sacred Cask of Brell  
          A. Ask Brewmeister Stiegl (290, 1015, 140 in Kernagir, the Shining City) about the "Sacred Cask of Brell"
              a. Upon triggering, all existing mobs in the room despawn, and 5 new mobs spawn aggro on you
              b. You have approximately 10 minutes to kill them before they depop and the room respawns normally
              c. After killing the 5 mobs, Brewmeister Stiegl becoming attackable, kill him and loot.  
                 I. Only 1 Sacred Cask of Brell drops  
     14. Create 1 Brell's Mystical Brew using tradeskills  
          A. Combine Jelly of the Cliknar Queen, Pure Underfoot Spirits, Sacred Cask of Brell, Brell's Best, Malt, Yeast, and Hops inside a Brew Barrel
     15. Deliver 1 Magical Water Collection Jar to Chamberlain Thoridain  
     16. Deliver 1 Brell's Mystical Brew to Chamberlain Thoridain  
     17. Wear your Sacred Underfoot Prayer Shawl and speak with Chamberlain Thoridain  
       18. Deliver your Sacred Underfoot Prayer Shawl to Chamberlain Thoridain      
  Katuka Bark  
+ Red Wine  
+ Brew Barrel X
= Quinine  
  Blessed Water of Brell Serilis  
+ Cosgrove Powder x2  
+ Brell's Bounty x2  
+ Quinine  
+ Barley  
+ Bottle  
+ Cork  
+ Malt  
+ Brew Barrel X
= Brell's Best  
  Brell's Rest Water Sample  
+ Cooling Chamber Water Sample  
+ Underquarry Water Sample  
+ Foundation Water Sample  
+ Pellucid Water Sample  
+ Arthicrex Water Sample  
+ Fungal Forest Water Sample  
+ Barley  
+ Yeast  
+ Cask  
+ Brew Barrel X
= Brell's Underfoot Spirits  
  Jelly of the Cliknar Queen  
+ Pure Underfoot Spirits  
+ Sacred Cask of Brell  
+ Brell's Best  
+ Yeast  
+ Hops  
+ Malt  
+ Brew Barrel X
=   Brell's Mystical Brew