NPC/LOC   Task    Type/Time    Reward
Keyword   10 Found, 10 Finished/Solved. 2 Single, 6 Group, 2 Two Group   Repeatable   Item
a disheveled human   1. Kill the Mindshear Attendants   Group   Chronobines
   A. Kill 20 Mindshear Attendants Unlimited Faction
Zone In    B. Speak with the disheveled human Yes Experience
Heroic Journey Anarchy Crystal Section
Heroic Journey 2. Kill the Corporifers - Prereq: Kill the Mindshear Attendants Group Chronobines
   A. Kill 8 Corporifers Unlimited Faction
     B. Speak with the disheveled human Yes Experience
  Anarchy Crystal Segment
Heroic Journey 3. Free My Mind - Prereq: Kill the Corporifers Group Chronobines
   A. Find a way to restore the human's mind Unlimited Faction
        1. Loot 1 Bloody Note from random trash Yes Experience
     B. Deliver 1 Discordling Blood to the human Anarchy Crystal Slice
        1. Drops form Discordling mobs
     C. Deliver 1 Mindshear Slime to the human  
        1. Drops from Girplan mobs  
     D. Deliver 1 Bloodbind Potion to the human  
        1. Drops from   
Heroic Journey 4. Find Telivar - Prereq: Free My Mind Group Chronobines
   A. Speak with Telivar Unlimited Faction
        1. Telivar is located at (-565, 1085). You must clear all the mobs in the room for him to spawn.  Yes Experience
  Bedlam Crystal Section
Telivar S'vik   1. You Pay the Price - Prereq: Find Telivar   Single   30 Chronobines
(-565, 1085) Must kill all mobs in room to spawn    A. Deliver 1 Blazing-Rune Blade to Telivar Unlimited Faction
      1. Drops from Vitriks and Ratuks and possibly others Yes Experience
Bedlam Crystal Segment
Trust 2. Assist the Riftseekers - Prereq: You Pay the Price Single 30 Chronobines
     A. Create 1 Perilous Potion using tradeskills Unlimited Faction
        1. Loot container 'Essence Sieve' from Vitrik mobs Yes Experience
        2. Loot 1 'Aneuk Blood' from Aneuks Bedlam Crystal Slice
        3. Loot 1 'Empty Flask' from random mobs
        4. Loot 4 'Mindshear Slime' from Girplane mobs  
        5. Combine the blood, slime, and flask in the container  
     B. Give the Perilous Potion to one of the Riftseekers  
More 3. Kill the Shearspawn - Prereq: Find Telivar Group Chronobines
     A. Find and destroy the spawn of the Mindshear (11) 6 hours Faction
  Yes Timeshear Black Fragment Azia
More 4. Inside Information - Prereq: Kill the Shearspawn Group Chronobines
     A. Locate the Dragorn being held captive within the Discord citadel 6 Hours Faction
        1. A dragorn captive is being held at (-430, 1165) Yes Timeshear Black Fragment Beza
     B. Free the captured Dragorn from the torture room
        1. You must withstand several waves of mobs that pop until you get update  
     C. Escort the Dragorn captive out of the Discord citadel  
        1. When you finally get outside onto the platform, Vitrik Inquisitor, will spawn, kill him for the tinal update.  
More 5. Meeting Adjourned! - Prereq: Inside Information 2 Group Chronobines
     A. Discover the meeting location of the Discord leaders (-60, 1295) 6 Hours Faction
     B. Kill the Discord army leaders in attendance at the meeting Yes Timeshear Black Fragment Caza
        1. Kill Hexxt Gulrak Vetxi
           a. Procs AE Fear on group, (yay!)  
        2. Kill Pixxt Tvici Kalcyx  
           a. Depops, blurs, spawns 2 adds, repops. Timed so if you burn can avoid it.  
        3. Kill Tunat'Muram Vak Muat   
           a. Summons entire group, casts AE snare, then a 28k DD.   
        4. Kill Zum'Muram Kovl Txikx  
           a. AE ramps, has 1.75 million HPs  
More 6. Stardouser - Prereq: Meeting Adjourned! (NOTE: Mercs not allowed) 2 Group Chronobines
     A. Kill Stardouser 6 Hours Faction
        1. Determine which portals are powered up Yes Timeshear Black Fragment Dena
        2. Determine which portals affect which other portals
        3. Shut down 7 portals  
      4. Kill Stardouser  
          5. Or just zerg the fuck out of it.         
Herald of Druzzil Ro   1. Discord Raid Expedition   Raid    
Zone In  
    Combine Items - Timeshear Black Fragments   Container   Checklist
  Timeshear Black Fragment Azia Timeshear Fragment Coalescing Device  
+ Timeshear Black Fragment Beza  
+ Timeshear Black Fragment Caza  
+ Timeshear Black Fragment Dena  
= Timeshear Black Square Fragment  
    Combine Items - Timeshear   Container   Checklist
  Timeshear Purple Octagonal Fragment Timeshear Coalescing Device  
+ Timeshear Orange Moon Fragment  
+ Timeshear Red Hexagonal Fragment  
+ Timeshear Green Hexagonal Fragment  
+ Timeshear Blue Moon Fragment  
+ Timeshear Black Square Fragment  
=   Timeshear