NPC/LOC   Task    Type/Time    Reward
Keyword   9 Found, 9 Finished/Solved. 8 Single, 1 Group   Repeatable   Item
*   Requires Indifferent or greater faction with Dragorn Forces        
Givrund the Devoted   1. The Missing Chalice   Single   60 Chronobines
   A. Explore the Bloodfields for a cave opening (-475, -1590) Unlimited Faction
(1055, -1165)    B. Kill Xirisst (-250, -1715) Yes Experience
Handle    C. Collect 1 Chalice of T'Chagrel(s) Chaos Crystal Ort
       D. Deliver 1 Chalice of T'Chagrel to givrund the Devoted      
Citykeeper Nardic the Proud   1. Favors of the Hopelost - Prereq: The Missing Chalice   Single   40 Chronobines
   A. Speak with Scion Balion Unlimited Faction
   B. Speak with Urjek the Unsteady No Experience
(1225, -1195)    C. Collect 1 Vial of Pious Dragorn Blood(S) Chaos Crystal Shard
Willing       1. Kill named Dragorns in the room at (1490, 1340) between 6 PM and 6 AM
     D. Deliver 1 Vial of Pious Dragorn Blood to Veshlin the Defamed (590, -1660)  
     E. Speak with Veshlin the Defamed (NOTE: Hands you an item)  
     F. Deliver 1 Veshlin's Ring of Inner Strength to Citykeeper Nardic the Proud  
Hail after  completing previous task 2. A Limit to Despair - Prereq: Favors of the Hopelost Single 45 Chronobines
   A. Kill 1 Scion Balion (1400, 755) 6 Hours Faction
   B. Kill 1 Urjek the Unsteady (355, -1585) No Experience
     C. Kill 1 Veshlin the Defamed (590, -1660) Chaos Crystal Chip
       D. Speak with Citykeeper Nardic      
General Azerug the Honorable*   1. Lifting the Fog   Single   15 Chronobines
   A. Explore the enterance to the Dragorn Muramite fortress in the southeastern edge of the Old Bloodfields (-840, -1055) Unlimited Faction
No Experience
(1235, -1165)    B. Explore the enterance to the Old Catacombs tunnel in the southeastern reach of Old Bloodfields (-470, -1470) Turmoil Crystal Ort
     C. Explore the ramp leading up to the fortress surrounding the Precipice of War. (loc, loc)  
     D. Report to General Azerug the Honorable  
Strike 2. Blunting the Spears Single 40 Chronobines
     A. Kill 6 Kyv limbcutters Unlimited Faction
        1. Steps A, B, and C all take place in the very South-East corner Yes Experience
     B. Destroy some of the Muramite's weapon racks (6) Turmoil Crystal Fragment
     C. Destroy some of the Muramite's casks of battle elixer (6)
     D. Speak with General Azerug  
Approach 3. Acolytes of Despair Single 15 Chronobines
     A. Find and speak to Acolyte Grindrik (380, -1540) Unlimited Faction
     B. Find and speak to Acolyte Torsk (1365, 800) No Experience
     C. Find and speak to Acolyte Maarnek (1405, -1820) Turmoil Crystal Chip
     D. Deliver 1 Hymnal of Despair to General Azerug the Honorable
     E. Deliver 1 Hymnal of Despair to General Azerug the Honorable  
       F. Deliver 1 Hymnal of Despair to General Azerug the Honorable        
Ziven*   1. The Rescuers - (NOTE: Hands you an item)   Single   40 Chronobines
(345, -1300)    A. Explore the area where the captives are being held (70, 1420) Unlimited Faction
Help    B. Kill 10 creatures in the area Yes Experience
     C. Kill 1 slavemaster Chaos Crystal Fragment
        1. Whoever gets first aggro gets the update
     D. Speak with Ziven  
(Opt)      E. Deliver 1 Dragorn Invisibility Potion to a captured dragorn        
Grithyank Avlonnon*   1. Vile Weaponry   Single   60 Chronobines
   A. Deliver 1 Boneborn Cudgel to Grithyank Unlimited Faction
(470, -1680)    B. Deliver 1 Dragorn-Rib Hook to Grithyank Yes Experience
Able    C. Deliver 1 Blood-Tempered Dagger to Grithyank Turmoil Crystal Shard
       D. Deliver 1 Tendon-Hilted Scimitar to Grithyank      
Yemall the Arcane*   1. Studying the Portal   Group   Chronobines
   A. Explore the portal area (-1075, 865) 6 Hours Faction
(1575, 365)    B. Capture Ukuns for study (2) Yes Timeshear Blue Fragment Azia
Willing       1. Beat the mob to between 20-30%, no less
Everyone say 'Provide' to receive item       2. Three (3) people, click 'Epositrig' at the same time to capture the mob  
      3. Repeat for Steps C, D, E, F and G  
   C. Capture Ikaav for study (2)  
     D. Capture Nocs for study (2)  
     E. Capture Pyrilen for study (1)  
     F. Capture Gelidran for study (1)  
        1. After you capture the last one four (4) a(n)_name_attacker will spawn at the zone in.   
     G. Destroy your attackers (4)  
       H. Report your success to Yemall