NPC/LOC   Task    Type/Time    Reward
Keyword   19 Found, 17 Finished/Solved. 15 Single, 2 Group, 2 Raid   Repeatable   Item
Dalikand Darkhammer   1. Get to the Delve - (NOTE: Complete first to gain starting faction with Darkhammer Dwarves)   Single   5 Chronobines
Unlimited Faction
(110, -255)    A. Speak with Delver Hagorn (530, -2240) No Experience
Direct Miniature Rallosian Breastplate Straps
Ylatra the Vassal   1. Disrupt the Siege - Prereq: The Wrath of Korascian   Single   45 Chronobines
   Mobs all are found in the northern most tunnel Unlimited Faction
(1015, -140)    A. Kill 1 of their orc chefs Yes Experience
Opportunities    B. Kill 2 of the catapult tenders Miniature Rallosian Left Glove Padding
        1. Kill Catapult_Name_operator
     C. Kill 4 shocktroopers
     D. Kill 6 marauders  
     E. Kill 4 scouts  
Defeat 2. Champions No More - Prereq: The Wrath of Korascian Single 45 Chronobines
     A. Kill 15 Rallosians Unlimited Faction
     B. Kill Krant Yes Experience
     C. Kill Bikk Miniature Rallosian Right Glove Padding
Strike 3. Murdunk's Last Stand Group Chronobines
     A. Follow Ylatra's [directions] to your ambush location 6 Hours Faction
     B. Kill 35 Rallosian reinforcements Yes Timeshear Green Fragment Ena
        1. They come from the Toskirakk portal
          2. Will fail the task if #? reach the camp      
Delver Hagorn   1. A Plague of Mephits   Single   60 Chronobines
A. Kill 8 Vekerchiki warriors Unlimited Faction
(530, -2240)       1. See Invisible, Summon, Rampage Yes Experience
Favor B. Loot 2 Stone Mephit Heart Miniature Rallosian Left Vambrace Shell
  C. Deliver 2 Stone Mephit Heart to Delver Hagorn
Cater 2. Darkhammer Supply Run Single 60 Chronobines
     A. Speak with Ordrik Darkhammer (390, -2045) Unlimited Faction
     B. Collect 5 Solid Dregcheese(s) from Rallosians Yes Experience
     C. Collect 10 Rallosian Iron Ration(s) from Rallosians Miniature Rallosian Right Vambrace Shell
     D. Collect 5 Jar of Potable Murkwater(s) from Rallosians
     E. Collect 10 Cask of Toskirakk Bitter(s) from Rallosians
     F. Deliver 5 Solid Dregcheese to Ordrik Darkhammer  
     G. Deliver 10 Rallosian Iron Rations to Ordrik Darkhammer  
     H. Deliver 5 Jar of Potable Murkwater to Ordrik Darkhammer  
      I. Deliver 10 Cask of Toskirakk Bitter to Ordrik Darkhammer  
      J. Speak with Ordrik Darkhammer  
     K. Speak with Delver Hagorn  
Go 3. Supplication for Mercy Single 10 Chronobines
     A. Speak with Kaigrun Darkhammer (720, 2035) Unlimited Faction
     B. Speak with Delver Hagorn No Experience
     C. Speak with Dwerina Feystalker (Toskirakk zone in, gives item) Miniature Rallosian Left Vambrace Padding
     D. Deliver 1 Dwerina's Journal to Kaigrun Darkhammer
     E. Speak with Kaigrun Darkhammer
Grateful 4. Master of the Mines Single 15 Chronobines
     A. Speak with Glerud Darkhammer (-40, -1980) Unlimited Faction
     B. Kill 5 mithril golems Yes Experience
     C. Speak with Delver Hagorn Miniature Rallosian Breastplate Rear
Ulgin Darkhammer   1. Crystal Clarity - Prereq: Delver Hagorn's 4 tasks   Single   45 Chronobines
   A. Explore the south enterance to the Crystal Core (910, -1700) Unlimited Faction
(655, -2035)    B. Explore the southwest enterance to the Crystal Core (975, -1220) Yes Experience
Scouting    C. Kill 1 crystalline discharger Miniature Rallosian Breastplate Padding
     D. Kill 1 crystalline aetheront
     E. Kill 1 crystalline visceront
     F. Kill 1 crystalline exterminator
     G. Kill 1 crystalline trichordont  
     H. Speak with Ulgin Darkhammer  
Fluids 2. Primal Terrors - Prereq: Delver Hagorn's 4 tasks Single 60 Chronobines
     A. Collect 12 Vial of Primal Crystal Fluid(s)  Unlimited Faction
     B. Deliver 12 Vial of Primal Crystal Fluid to [Ulgin Darkhammer] Yes Experience
     C. Speak with Ulgin Darkhammer Miniature Rallosian Right Vambrace Padding
Organs 3. Unusual Properties - Prereq: Delver Hagorn's 4 tasks Single 45 Chronobines
     A. Collect 2 Crystal Presciator(s) Unlimited Faction
     B. Deliver 2 Crystal Presciator to [Ulgin Darkhammer] Yes Experience
     C. Collect 2 Crystal Notocept(s) Miniature Rallosian Left Greave Leg
     D. Deliver 2 Crystal Notocept to [Ulgin Darkhammer]
     E. Collect 2 Crystal Vorotract(s)
     F. Deliver 2 Crystal Vorotract to [Ulgin Darkhammer]  
     G. Collect 2 Crystal Servotine(s)  
     H. Deliver 2 Crystal Servotine to [Ulgin Darkhammer]  
      I. Speak with Ulgin Darkhammer  
Ruler 4. Pinnacle of Destruction - Prereq: Delver Hagorn's 4 tasks Single 15 Chronobines
     A. Kill 1 Crystalline Imperiont (1475, -1680) Unlimited Faction
     B. Speak with Ulgin Darkhammer Yes Experience
  Miniature Rallosian Right Greave Leg
Take Care 4. The Crystal Bloom (NOTE: Mercs not allowed) Group  Chronobines
     A. Slow the growth of the crystalline bloom 6 Hours Faction
        1. Kill 30 "Bloom Crystal" they spawn around the zone Yes Timeshear Green Fragment Dena
        2. They grow from and change colors and hatch into mobs if not killed
     B. Report back to Ulgin Darkhammer
Assistance 5. Expedition: Showdown at the Crystal Core Raid  
        6 Hours    
Sterik Gristmaker   1. Retinue of the Frog-God   Single   20 Chronobines
   A. Kill 6 Korascian Sentinels Unlimited Faction
(270, 255)    B. Speak with Sterik Gristmaker Yes Experience
Prove Miniature Rallosian Greave Hips
Nedsin Tabbels   1. Find Your Allies   Single   40 Chronobines
   A. Collect 1 Empty Stone Vial(s) (615, -160) Unlimited Faction
(630, 120)    B. Collect 1 Crushed Helmet(s) (292, 244) No Experience
Help    C. Collect 1 Emptry Water Urn(s) (715, 335) Miniature Rallosian Right Glove Shell
     D. Deliver 1 Empty Stone Vial to Nedsin
     E. Deliver 1 Crushed Helmet to Nedsin
     F. Deliver 1 Empty Water Urn to Nedsin  
     G. Explore the Crystal Gateway (820, -180)  
     H. Speak with Ylatra (1015, -140)  
Help 2. Whom Frogs Destroy - Prereq: Find Your Allies Single 20 Chronobines
     A. Rescue 5 thralls from Korascian Prime Unlimited Faction
        1. Hail 'a Korascian thrall' in the west most room. If they attack, kill them No Experience
        NOTE: It seems they changed this task a little, how exactly I'm not sure Miniature Rallosian Greave Padding
     B. Speak with Nedsin Tabbels
Strike 3. The Wrath of Korascian Single 30 Chronobines
     A. Kill 5 Koracian Champions Unlimited Faction
     B. Kill Koracian Prime Yes Experience
     C. Speak with Nedsin Tabbels Miniature Rallosian Breastplate Front
Herinnar of Stone   1. Expedition: Rathe Council Chamber: Eriak's Downfall   Raid    
(590, -510)  
Rathe Council Chamber  
The Rathe Archivist   1. Rallos Returns   Raid    
   A. Prevent Rallos Zek from stealing the Rathe Thaumatox 6 Hours  
(1105, -1205)  
Rathe Council Chamber