NPC/LOC   Task    Type/Time    Reward
Keyword   25 Found, 21 Finished/Solved (4 Broken). 20 Single, 4 Group, 1 Raid   Repeatable   Item
*DO FIRST*   Hail, Scout Talendien to receive "Army of Light Pendant" good side faction modifier    
  Hail, Scout Zialdiruun to receive "Army of Obliteration Medallion" evil side faction modifier    
Supplymaster Kibrek   1. Scourge of Supply   Single   30 Chronobines
   A. Go to the old Brewer's house. Look for a supply wagon and see if it brought Kibrek's supplies (343, 332) Unlimited Faction
(-90, 640) Yes Experience
Help    B. Look near the road for any sign of olshan's wagon (134, 204) Blood of the Satiated
     C. Look around for 5 bags of black powder it was carrying
        1. Black Powder (175, 200), (150, 175), (50, 205), (260, 135), (230, 65)  
     D. Return to Kibrek and warn him the supply wagon was raided  
       E. Give the five Bags of Black Powder to Kibrek        
Thanuel Mergon   1. Scouting the Commonlands   Single   10 Chronobines
   A. Speak with Supplymaster Kibrek Unlimited Faction
(-65, 650)    B. Explore Dallik's Blackhearts warcamp (840, 3390) No Experience
Scout    C. Explore Nightblade Halberdiers warcamp (317, 2893) Scout's Blood
     D. Explore Painstorm warcamp (-546, 2858)  
     E. Explore refugee camp in the Commonlands tunnel (-1740, -2465)  
     F. Speak with Sil Silverstar (-1596, -2515)  
     G. Speak with Tallyd Gorenault (-1629, -2541)  
     H. Speak with Merrin Beanslinger (-1800, -2510)  
     I. Speak with Diennic Lightheart (18, 660)  
       J. Speak with Thanuel Mergon        
Armsmaster Vohlen   1. Acts of Reprisal   Single   45 Chronobines
   A. Locate Innoruuk's Chosen Regiment (423, -1159) Unlimited Faction
(18, 660)    B. Loot the head of Arthak V'Tyrin Yes Experience
Slay    C. Locate the Darktide Lancers' encampment (876, -1412) Blood of the Officer
     D. Loot the head of Selranna Ichoren
     E. Locate the Felstorm Marauders' encampment (881, -1753)  
     F. Bring back the head of Paltyn S'Teth  
     G. Deliver the head of Arthak V'Tyrin to Armsmaster Vohlen  
     H. Deliver the head of Selranna Ichoren to Armsmaster Vohlen  
     I. Deliver the head of Paltyn S'Teth to Armsmaster Vohlen  
     J. Hail Armsmaster Vohlen  
Go 2. Sacrifice to Treachery - Prereq: Acts of Reprisal Single 30 Chronobines
     A. Go to the Avenwood house in Avenwood Hamlet, southwest of the Dragonheart camp (-884, 1095) Unlimited Faction
  Yes Experience
     B. Search for Endell Faeronbeck (-724, 691) Blood of the Infiltrated
     C. Kill Obliteration Infiltrators (4) (-650, 775)
     D. Recover the Infiltration Plans from a dead Infiltrator  
        1. Loot Thaulen Tier'Duuren Infiltration Plans  
     E. Deliver Infiltration plans to Vohlen  
     F. Hail Vohlen  
Sort 3. Questionable Loyalties - Prereq: Sacrifice to Treachery Single 40 Chronobines
     A. Collect Gendorin's Orders from Kithicor Forest Rangers (3) Unlimited Faction
        1. Dead Forest Rangers (HAHA): (-927, 131), (-246, -443), (-592, -893), (-609, -151), (-347, -755) Yes Experience
  Blood of the Betrayed
        2. Loot 3 Grendorin's Counter-orders (groundspawn next to rangers)
     B. Speak with Tonn Ermis (550, -75)  
     C. Loot items from Kroneld's chest  
        1. Loot Gendorin's Apparent Confession (541, -103)  
     D. Deliver Gendorin's Apparent Confession to Armsmaster Vohlen  
     E. Deliver 5 Gendorin's Counter-orders to Armsmaster Vohlen  
     F. Speak to Armsmaster Vohlen  
       G. Speak to Lord Tephys (25, 2100)        
Diennic Lightheart   1. Shadows of Kithicor   Single   45 Chronobines
   A. Hail Vohlen Unlimited Faction
(18, 660)    B. Locate the Tarith's Maul Regiment (1051, -2133) Yes Experience
Know    C. Locate the Feerott Longblades Regiment (1307, -2395) Blood of the Informed
     D. Locate Lanys T'Vyl's headquarters camp (498, -2764)
     E. Kill Obliteration Sentinals (5)  
       F. Present your report to Diennice Lightheart        
Banesman Aalthene   1. Acts of Sabotage   Single   80 Chronobines
   A. Investigate some of the Obliteration army's warchests (6) Unlimited Faction
(-765, -500)       1. The chests are at the enemy zoneline camps. Mobs add when opened Yes Experience
Count    B. Kill 6 Obliteration knights Saboteur's Blood
       C. Speak with Banesman Aalthene        
Warden Avelyn   1. Purging the Corruption   Single   20 Chronobines
   A. Gather samples of whatever is causing the animals' corruption (4) Unlimited Faction
(-60, 2168)       1. When small grey con animals pass through the purple force field around the Obliteration Summoners, they grow and become larger and light blue con. Kill them and loot "Essence of Corruption" Yes Experience
       B. Return the Essense of Corruption samples to Warden Avelyn       Cured Blood
Captain Agresin   1. The Reinforcements are Comming   Single   45 Chronobines
A. Kill ten Obliteration soldiers Unlimited Faction
(360, 454) B.  Speak with Capttain Agresin Yes Experience
Aid           None
Commander Barvian   1. Safe Passage   Group   Chronobines
   A. Speak with Scout Fathim (221, 2011) 6 Hours Faction
(125, 2180)    B. Make your way to the refugee camp Yes Timeshear Orange Fragment Azia
Escort       1. (-1187, -2201) You get update and 4 mobs rush you
     C. Destroy the raiders attacking the refugee camp
     D. Speak with Colonel Thalan (-1710, -2520)  
     E. Protect the refugees as they escape to Kithicor Forest  
        1. Receive emote "A wave of panic rolls through the refugees as an ambush appears" before mobs are visible. Waves are 2-4 mobs  
     F. Let Colonel Thalan know when you are ready to move on  
     G. Clear a path into the forest ahead (loc?)  
     H. Scout the path to the southwest (loc?)  
     I. Scout the path to the southwest (loc?)  
     J. Protect the Refugees as they move to the Army of Light headquarters  
     K. Speak with Colonel Thalan  
       L. Speak with Commander Barvian        
Gavard Belliden   1. The Man in Charge   Group   Chronobines
   A. Let Gavard know that you are ready to travel to Highhold Pass 6 Hours Faction
(-1105, -967)    B. Find Calanish and tell him "Gavard sent you" *BROKEN*  
Task has been removed  
Lord Tephys   1. Charges of Treason   Single   45 Chronobines
(25, 2100)    A. Speak with Fironia Vie Unlimited Faction
Attend    B. Begin the pursuit by exploring the lake in the southeastern corner of Kithicor forest (-603, -1749) Yes Experience
  Blood of the Dominated
     C. Investigate the Uthmiert house north of the lake (-37, -2116)
     D. Speak with Aendra Whiteflame (Inside the house)  
     E. Kill Ralf Uthmiert (standing behind Aendra)  
     F. Loot Aendra's note from Ralf Uthmiert's corpse  
     G. Loot the Orb of Mind Recovery from the crate in the lake  
        1. A striated chest is at (-834, -2537)  
       H. Deliver the  Orb of Mind Recovery to Fironia Vie        
Fironia Vie   1. Vengeance and Deliverance - Prereq: Charges of Treason   Single   60 Chronobines
(25, 2100)    A. Look for Gendorin in the southwest corner of Kithicor (-750, 2200) Unlimited Faction
Accept    B. Kill Obliteration agents (4) Yes Experience
     C. Hail Kroneld Blood of the Redeemed
     D. Kill Kroneld
     E. Give the Orb of Mind Recovery to Landon Gendorin   
     F. Hail Landon Gendorin  
     G. Hail fironia Vie  
Threat 2. Heros Outpost - Prereq: Vengeance and Deliverance Single 5 Chronobines
Task has been removed    A. Speak with Diennic Lightheart (18, 660) Unlimited Faction
   B. Deliver Diennic's Orders to Thandrin (-892, 628) Experience
   C. Follow Sergeant Thandrin to Malgarn Hill (42, 77)  
     D. Speak with Sergeant Thandrin at Malgarn Hill  
     E. Kill the first wave of Teir'Dal attackers (4)  
     F. ***BROKEN***  
Volunteer 3. Bitter Victuals Group Chronobines
     A. Touch the Tome of Teleportation 6 Hours Faction
     B. Speak to Selkith Wyndvale in the refugee cave in the Commonlands Yes Timeshear Orange Fragment Beza
        1. Selkith Wyndvale is at (-1595, -2515) in the instance
     C. Loot 6 Ruminaran Posion Gland from a Great Black Spider
     D. Loot 6 Cheliceran Posion Gland from a Great Black Spider  
     E. Loot 3 Castigaran Posion Gland from a Great Black Spider  
     F. Deliver 6 Ruminaran Posion Gland to Selkith Wyndvale  
     G. Deliver 6 Cheliceran Posion Gland to Selkith Wyndvale  
     H. Deliver 3 Castigaran Posion Gland to Selkith Wyndvale  
      I. Speak with Selkith Wyndvale [NOTE: hands you an item]  
      J. Kill 5 Murkwater Assassin  
     K. Insert each of your S'tauna Poison Vials into a Victuals Chest found in the supply huts of the enemy  
     L. Hunt down and kill Aithoris Nightstalker  
       M. Speak with Selkith Wyndvale        
Laarthik V'Shin   1. Destroy the Imposter   Single   60 chronobines
   A. Speak with Laarthik Unlimited Faction
(500, -2750)    B. Speak with Lanys V'Tvyl (480, -2790) Yes Experience
EVIL SIDE    C. Go to a tree due east of the Tainorith Hosue in the southern central part of the forest. Look for Aridane Ubel, an enchanter. (-850, -765) Blood of the Disguised
     D. Speak with the Avatar of Aridane Ubel  
     E. Kill the Avatar of Aridane Ubel  
     F. Kill the real Ubel  
        1. Real Ubel is yellow con at level 85, spawns on death of Avatar  
     G. Loot the Discord amulet from Ubel's imposter  
       H. Deliver the Discord amulet to Lanys V'Tvyl        
Saleb   1. Take Everything   Single   60 Chronobines
(1025, -2145)    A. Loot arrows from Army of Light Windcallers (5) Unlimited Faction
EVIL SIDE    B. Collect Kithicor Apples from Army of Light cabins (5) Yes Experience
Do    C. Collect Freeport Sea Salt dropped from supply wagons on the cart path (5) Blood of the Supplied
     D. Loot AoL Longswords from Army of Light Blademasters for study (5)
     E. Deliver 5 Army of Light Arrow to Saleb  
     F. Deliver 5 Kithicor Apple to Saleb  
     G. Deliver 5 Freeport Sea Salt to Saleb  
       H. Deliver 5 Army of Light Longswords to Saleb        
Jartik K'Ahndar   1. Enemies of the Teir'Dal   Single   45 Chronobines
   A. Find Tirabeth Mergon and collect her head Unlimited Faction
(1075, -2180)       1. Roams the road between Rivervale camp and Dragonheart Regiment Yes Experience
EVIL SIDE       2. Two "an Army of Light soldier" spawn and assist her Blood of the Assassin
Keen    B. Find Mitor Errinthol and collect his head (-540, -855)
        1. Two 'a forest skirmisher" spawn and assist him  
     C. Find Halana Aalthene and collect her head (-845, -520)  
        1. Guards nearby will assist (appears to be changed/broken)  
     D. Deliver Tirabeth Mergon's head to Jartik K'Ahndar  
     E. Deliver Mitor Errinthol head to Jartik K'Ahndar  
     F. Deliver Halana Aalthene's head to Jartik K'Ahndar  
Now 2. Power Play Single 40 Chronobines
     A. Speak with Laarthik (500, -2750) [NOTE: He hands an item] Unlimited Faction
     B. Go to the camp of the Death's Hand Regiment (230, -1840) Yes Experience
     C. Deliver the new orders to Taulus Ailuraan Blood of the Traitor
     D. Speak with Kielys T'Vran. She seems to have something on her mind
     E. Loot Taulus' chest  
     F. Deliver the bottle of Amjirin to Taulus Ailuraan  
        1. Attacks on hand in  
     G. Kill Taulus Ailuraan  
     H. Kill Taulus' Henchmen (3)  
        I. Speak with Laarthik        
Andylis V'Shrei   1. Truth and Consequences   Single   60 Chronobines
   A. Interrogate Fedder Galwyn until he reveals his secrets, then dispose of him Unlimited Faction
(1085, -2130)    B. Interrogate Lyndra Avenwood until he reveals his secrets, then dispose of her Yes Experience
EVIL SIDE    C. Interrogate Bordrik Darkdelver until he reveals his secrets, then dispose of him Blood of the Interrogator
Service       1. All three are located at (600, -2565)
        2. Attack them, at about 30% they will each emote, then kill them.  
        3. Loot their heads for later step  
     D. Investigate the location provided by the prisoner (-30, 630)  
     E. Investigate the location provided by the prisoner (420, 400)  
     F. Investigate the location provided by the prisoner (-770, -405)  
     G. Deliver 1 Head of Fedder Galwyn to Andylis V'shrei  
     H. Deliver 1 Head of Lyndra Avenwood to Andylis V'shrei  
      I. Deliver 1 Head of Bordrik Darkdelver to Andylis V'shrei  
Challenge 2. Disruptive Influences Single 45 Chronobines
     A. Go to the Greyhawk camp and speak with Captain Mdounis (-1145, -2800) Unlimited Faction
     B. Speak with Mdounis' lieutenant, Traulaan Augrith, and find out what happened Yes Experience
     C. Go to the Silverwing regiment camp and speak with Tithoun Sevrek about a replacement for Mdounis (-485, 1554) Blood of the Vindicated
     D. Speak with Malaurin V'Kon when you are ready to depart  
     E. Escor Malaurin V'Kon to the Greyhawk camp  
        1. When he reaches (-855, -2015) 3 'an Obliteration traitor' spawn and attack  
     F. Defend Malaurin from the ambush  
     G. Search the assassins' corpses for any clues  
        1.  Loot 'Empty Phial" from one of the traitors  
     H. Accompany Malaurin to take care of Traulaand  
        1. You must go into the tent where Traulaand is or you will not get update  
        2. Three more 'an Obliteration traitor' spawn and attack on update  
      I. Kill Traulaand and his supporters  
      J. SearchTraulaand's corpse for any information  
        1. Loot 'Suspicious Missive"  
     K. Deliver the empty phial to Andylis  
     L. Deliver the suspicious missive to Andylis  
Reports 3. Countermanded Orders - Prereq: Disruptive Influences Single 60 Chronobines
     A. Speak with Jarik about the false orders (in camp) Unlimited Faction
     B. Give Jarik the suspicious missive Yes Experience
     C. Speak with Adak Kanarin about the order he received Blood of the Deceived
     D. Interrogate Bealduur Kylnaen about the false orders
        1. Roams the East-West road between Saleb and just north of Mitor Errinthol  
        2. Kill him to about 40% and he will emote, follow the text for update  
     E. Finish Bealduur off  
     F. Slay Navrn K'Val and obtain the false orders he is carrying  
        1. Roams offroad between Silverwin Regiment and Felstorm Marauders  
     G. Slay Thaliv T'Kysh and obtain the false orders he is carrying  
        1. Roams the northern edge of the lake  
     H. Slay Vyntal Zintha and obtain the false orders he is carrying  
        1. Roams the road southwest of Lanys T'Vyl camp  
        I. Deliver all four of the false sets of orders to Jarik        
Lanys V'Tvyl   1. Rain of Ruin - (NOTE: Hands you an item)   Single   200 Chronobines
(480, -2790)    A. Speak with Laarthik V'Shin (500, -2750) [NOTE: Hands you an item] Unlimited Faction
EVIL SIDE    B. Find Pyrrdan in the center of Kithicor Forest (65, -1170) Yes Experience
Undertaking    C. Deliver the Crossbow of Bone to Pyrrdan  
     D. Speak to Pyrrdan  
     E. Find Tyron Porrindal's house (-745, -155)  
     F. Kill Tyron Porrindal  
     G. Set fire to Tyron Porrindal's house  
        1. Use the "Glowing Firebrand" on the 'a flammable box' behind the house  
     H. Go to the Dwarven guard post west of Tyron Porrindal's house  
        1. It is actually NW and not really a 'Dwarven Outpost' but it is (-75, -660)  
      I. Collect Kithicor Axes from the weapon racks (5)  
        1. Need to /open "a weapons rack" then loot  
      J. Deliver Kithicor Axes to Pyrrdan (5)  
     K. Speak to Pyrrdan  
        1. As soon as you hail, four 'a forest ranger' spawn and attack Pyrrdan  
     L. Kill the ambushers (4)  
        1. At this time if they kill Pyrrdan he will respawn, but the task will be stuck  
     M. Destroy the Army of Light supply crates (12)  
     N. Search for Darvin Oggleby's house (-920, 380)  
     O. Kill anyone defending Darvin Oggleby's house (4)  
     P. Set fire to Darvin Oggleby's house  
        1. Use the "Glowing Firebrand" on the 'a flammable crate' behind the house  
     Q. Thin the ranks of the Army of Light (6)  
     R. Explore Avenwood Hamlet in Kithicor Woods (-995, 1010)  
     S. Set fire to the houses in the Avenwood Hamlet (#?)  
        1. Use "Glowing Firebrand" on 'a flammable chest' outside the houses  
  T. Report your progress to Lanys V'Tvyl  
Prepared   ??? - Prereq: Rain of Ruin   Raid    
Task has been removed   Known Missing:   Group    
Reavers of Destiny  
    Combine Items - Bloods   Container   Checklist
  Blood of the Officer Bloodbind Cauldron  
+ Blood of the Satiated  
+ Blood of the Betrayed  
+ Blood of the Informed  
+ Blood of the Infiltrated  
+ Blood of the Redeemed  
+ Blood of the Dominated  
= Blood of Light  
  Blood of the Traitor Bloodbind Cauldron  
+ Blood of the Assassin  
+ Blood of the Supplied  
+ Blood of the Deceived  
+ Blood of the Disguised  
+ Blood of the Vindicated  
+ Blood of the Interrogator  
= Blood of Oblivion  
  Cured Blood Bloodbind Cauldron  
+ Opal's Blood  
+ Fenia's Blood  
+ Scout's Blood  
+ Mojax's Blood  
+ Dolman's Blood  
+ Saboteur's Blood  
+ Redthorn's Blood  
= Blood of Medicine  
  Blood of Light Bloodbind Cauldron  
+ Blood of Oblivion  
+ Blood of Medicine  
= Blood of the Fallen  
    Combine Items - Timeshear Orange Fragments   Container   Checklist
  Timeshear Orange Fragment Azia Timeshear Fragment Coalescing Device  
+ Timeshear Orange Fragment Beza  
= Timeshear Orange Moon Fragment