Beimeith’s Hastily Made Seeds of Destruction Guide
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          The main plot of Seeds of Destruction, is that the god of Discord got pissed off because we spanked OMM and stopped their invasion of our plane. He discovered a weakness in the fabric of Time that was caused by Druzzil Ro when she altered it. He was able to send back agents to five key points in Norrath’s history and alter it. 
         ‘If he already altered it,’ you ask, ‘then wouldn’t we already be dead and not aware that it was altered?” It is a valid question. Basically, it depends on if you believe in the Copenhagen Interpretation, or the Many-Worlds Interpretation. 
‘You’ve intrigued me Beimeith, tell me more,’ you say.
          Well, Copenhagen basically states there is one universe and that everything in it is decided by probabilities, while Many-Worlds says for every action that has two or more valid outcomes, the universe splits in two and -both- outcomes happen, one per universe. 
          Since the changes were already made, but we cannot see them in the present day, we must logically conclude that at the point of Discord’s interference the universe split into two (actually a lot more as Discord went to five points in time but bear with me), one where Discord succeeded in altering the timeline and one in which it didn’t. Since we don’t see the changes, we must be in the unaltered universe, in which case, we really don’t have to do a damn thing since we are perfectly fine…
          That being as it may, we are supposed to go back in time and restore the timeline. (However, since we are using Many-Worlds there will of course be another universe split wherein we succeed in fixing the timeline, and one where we do not. You just can’t save everyone...)
‘Ok Beimeith, you GD nerd, I stopped reading after the third paragraph so just get to the point ffs.”
          Well, for some reason (dramatic effect is my guess), instead of using their manipulation of the timeline to enslave us, they used it to disintegrate the planet, leaving only The Void. 
The Void (Theme Zero)
The Void is the gateway to the five (5) different points in history (themes) that were fucked up, and to Discord itself. 
The themes are Oceangreen, Bloody Kithicor, Field of Scale, The Invasion of Earth, Bloodfields, and Discord
Access to Discord requires completing tasks in the previous themes. 
The Void is an instance, in fact it is several different instances. Which instance you are in depends on your progression. You begin in Void A, and from which you may travel to any of the five time periods. Once you complete either all the group quests (and a few specific solo tasks) in a theme or the raids in a theme, you progress to the next level, and are able to enter Void B. Once you complete another theme you can enter Void C, etc. It does not appear to matter which order you do the themes in, just that you complete each set of progression tasks. Access to Discord is available only though Void E+. Void F opens once Kuua/Discord quests completed. Void G requires beating all seven raids inside Citadel of the Worldslayer (aka Tower of Discord).
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Disclaimer: Most of this information came from Beta server. Beta and live are different things, some things you can do on Beta you can't do on live. Plus they like to change stuff when they go from Beta to live, so don't cry if information on a quest is outdated/incorrect. At the time I did these quests this is what I did. I will try to keep everything current as it changes, but I only update it whenever I feel like it so it may be a while.  - Beimeith